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Firefly Drop

The Colony of Firefly Drop so far.

When Earth evolves and becomes too harsh for humans they were lucky enough to know how to get off of Earth and survive. This is when they decided hundreds of colonies and technological advances later to come back to earth. And this colonization attempt was called "Firefly Drop" They Colony was a success. But the colony needs to grow so they use a specialized unit to explore and map out the area.

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Its an RP Created By Vann, Theres tech and its based on your role which I'll give you.  And those rules are either Mapping, Scout, Extermination, Supplies, Repair and Researching. You can only have 1 role and 2 of each in a squad, you may also have only 1 tech unless your a good boy and eat your peas

Those Techs follow accordingly:

Mapping: Drones, Scanner.

Scout: Camo/Stealth, Flying Tech., X-Ray

Extermination: RailGun, Flamethrower, Lazer Sward

Supplies: Holo-Storage, Call-in, Hover board.

Repair: Fusion Cutter, Repair Bot, Mechanical touch.

Research: Instant Study, Enviro-Dome, Medical - Vac.


Scouts: Vann , Kris

Mapping: Kishi, Rudi

Extermination: Who ever Hari decides to be.


Repair: Tohka

Researching: Vino, Galaxy .


No arguing.

No magic.

Chosing positions is up to you but I can change them.

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