Galaxy Strand (Strand meaning "sea shore") 

Basic info:Edit

Galaxy is 23 years old, he is the youngest reasearcher from the Norwegian fleet and mostly specilizes in plants & bodies of water. But he's good with other stuff too. He is a very laid back, loose kind of man that likes to play with his research. You'd think he's be like top notch, smarty that takes everything He likes to mess around with his research, results are, he gets the job done sucessfully but there's a mess to clean up after.

Galaxy isn't very used to receiving help from others...or being exactly close to others. He usually spends his time alone, studying far away from fellow researchers. If contact or any closeness occurs, he begins to stutter and mumble, he'll most likely scoot away acting quite bashful in such a situtation. Galaxy in general is......strange.


  • Has strange blue markings on random parts of his body
  • Asexual
  • Isn't known to use violence
  • Food makes him happy
  • Barely has any memory of his past.
  • full body
Starset - Down With The Fallen Lyric Video

Starset - Down With The Fallen Lyric Video

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